Home Featured The Hush Money Trial Witness List Is Trump Worst Living Nightmare

The Hush Money Trial Witness List Is Trump Worst Living Nightmare

The Hush Money Trial Witness List Is Trump Worst Living Nightmare


The potential witness list for the prosecution in the Trump hush money case is a total nightmare for the defendant ex-president.

Ari Melber described the list on MSNBC:

We know Trump aides who have flipped are key to the D.A.’s case, like Michael Cohen. Today one knowledgeable source says the D.A. It is likely to call big names we’ve heard about like Cohen, Hope Hicks, maybe Stormy Daniel happens, and those are potential witnesses, there’s no formal list that comes out in a written manner during the trial, and there are reports, and the people on the screen have direct contact with Trump. They bring that to the witness stand.

If you followed enough Trump controversies you may remember one of the ways his team tries to discredit people is they didn’t know anything. They weren’t there and sometimes the word hearsay gets thrown around. No one will be giving a second hand statement. They can all talk about being in the room when it happened.

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Those witnesses would make sense, and we won’t know until the trial begins. some of the same reporting suggests other D.A. witnesses include less famous individuals who were also crucial to telling the jury what really happened, and they are people from the very specific rough-and-tumble world of New York tabloids. People who ran the National Enquirer at the key time back in 2016. The people on your screen are incredibly vital to whether or not Donald Trump is convicted of a felony and possibly sentenced to prison. So they might not be as famous as other people, and fame and television time isn’t all it is cracked up to be. These are three people that will matter a ton and I’ll get into why, right now. David Pecker and Dylan Howard basically ran “The Enquirer.” They are central to the case that there was a known, formal and financed criminal plot to catch and kill these stories.

The other name you see there, Keith Davidson, you may remember, was Stormy Daniels’ lawyer at one point. Let’s start with the tabloid chief pecker, he’s one of the chief people that Cohen’s team says will corroborate Michael Cohen’s damning story against Trump. 


It is like all the people that Trump did wrong in the hush money case have come back to testify against him. If this list is accurate the DA has everyone and people to corroborate the stories of other witnesses.

The witness list is a nightmare for Donald Trump and when it is paired with the mountain of physical evidence, it becomes clear why even the ex-president’s allies expect him to be convicted.

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