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Joe Biden To Raise More Money Tonight Than Trump Raised All Month

Joe Biden To Raise More Money Tonight Than Trump Raised All Month


President Biden is set to raise more money for his campaign in one night ($25 million) than Trump raised for his campaign all month ($20.3 million).

According to the Biden campaign, “The evening will begin with a virtual pre-program for grassroots supporters hosted by Biden-Harris campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez and featuring a conversation with the three presidents. The in-person program will feature a star-studded program hosted by Mindy Kaling and featuring musical guests Queen Latifah, Lizzo, Ben Platt, Cynthia Erivo, and Lea Michele. The evening will be kicked off by First Lady Jill Biden, and culminate with the main event of an armchair conversation with the three presidents, moderated by none other than Late Night’s Stephen Colbert.”

The campaign is offering access to an “exclusive virtual event with the three presidents” for a $25.00 donation. Presidents Biden, Obama and Clinton “will share their thoughts on the 2024 election and answer some fun questions!”

The Biden campaign has so far outraised Donald Trump, but with Trump courting the (corrupt?) billionaires who want to keep all of their money and Paul Manafort with his connections to foreign adversaries, every dollar and every door knock is critical for the Biden campaign.

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Trump has been struggling to raise money, and has reportedly spent time at his club trying squeeze money out of rich conservative donors.

The polling for this election has been so close it suggests Biden is struggling to best a man with 91 criminal counts against him. Most recently, Biden pulled slightly ahead in these polls, and it’s also true that early polling is not to be taken to the bank, especially these days.

But with so much at stake, every single dollar will matter.

This is a campaign for the soul of this country and for the very existence of our imperfect but admirable democracy. Every single citizen needs to be doing something to take part, even if it’s just talking to friends and neighbors and colleagues about the issues.

There’s a dictator knocking. Let’s all answer the call to fight his ill intentions for our country.

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