GM, EVgo, and Pilot are making progress on their big coast-to-coast EV charging network

    The companies announced the opening of 17 stations today. Before the end of the year, at least 25 stations will be open, with around 100 charging stalls in total. Some of the stalls will have DC fast-charging capacities of 350kW, which can deliver more than 200 miles of range in just 10 minutes.

    That seems like a modest number of chargers, but keep in mind that GM, EVgo, and Pilot Flying J anticipate installing at least 2,000 charging stations over the next few years. The companies said they expect to install 200 more EV charging stations by the end of 2024. The stations will be located at approximately 500 Pilot Flying J truck stops and managed by EV charging company EVgo.

    A modest number of chargers

    The companies are seeking to offer a slightly elevated experience compared to what’s available at most fast-charging locations. That includes canopies to protect people from the elements, pull-through charging stalls for EV towing, access to food and restrooms, and 24/7 monitoring for safety.

    The chargers will be co-branded “Pilot Flying J” and “Ultium Charge 360,” reflecting the two companies that will be funding the project. That also means that the new stations will be some of the few in the US to feature an automaker’s logo aside from Tesla’s Supercharger network. GM wouldn’t comment on its investment in the new charging network.

    Since announcing the project with EVgo and Pilot, GM has said it intends to begin using Tesla’s open-source charging port for its future EVs. The automaker will make Tesla adapters available to its customers “early next spring,” and the first GM-produced electric vehicle to feature Tesla’s charging port will arrive in 2025.

    The announcement comes amid a cooling in the EV market, driven by high prices and a perception that EV charging in the US is still in its infancy.

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