Maria Bartiromo Goes Off The Deep End With Claim That Toddler Released By Hamas Has Political Connections To Biden

    Fox Business’s Maria Bartiromo tried to diminish Biden getting hostages released by Hamas by claiming that the release of an American toddler was due to the child’s political connections to the President.

    Bartiromo said:

    The first American toddler released on Sunday. She has dual citizenship, American Israeli. Her story is a travesty. She’s an orphan. She watched her parents get murdered by these monsters.

    Thank God she has been released. But we also learn that her family is major donors to President Biden and that, um, her aunt actually bought Hunter Biden’s art. I mean, of course we want Abigail to get released and to be home with her family and that we’re all praying and thanking God for, but why was she, was she the first one because she had this connection to Biden?


    Fox News is even trying to claim that the release of a toddler that Biden worked to obtain was done for reasons related to Hunter Biden. Fox News spends a great deal of airtime on Hunter Biden, but this allegation disguised as a question has to be one of the silliest that they have come up with.

    Abigail Edan was released first because four-year-old children who have already lost both of their parents should be at the top of the list. The toddler presented no threat to either side of the conflict and needed to be brought to safety and reunited with loved ones as soon as possible.

    The child was released because she was a toddler. Hunter Biden’s art had nothing to do with the situation.

    Keep in mind that as Trump is threatening to take MSNBC off the air, this is the sort of media that he wants to elevate.

    Fox News and its hosts go to many dark and deplorable places, but trying to turn the release of a four-year-old hostage into a pay-for-play conspiracy is a new low.

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