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Instagram tests curated group lists for Stories

Instagram tests curated group lists for Stories


Ever wanted to post an Instagram Story for a curated group of people that isn’t your Close Friends list? You might be in luck.

In an Instagram broadcast yesterday, Adam Mosseri announced that the social media giant is testing the ability to share Stories to multiple follower lists, Engadget reported. Currently, users are limited to posting to all their followers or to their Close Friends list.

“This allows you to share stories to smaller groups and gives you more control over who can see your stories,” Mosseri said in the broadcast. “As someone who uses Close Friends often, I’m pretty excited about being able to create additional lists for the people in my life.”

While the tool may be helpful for sharing photos with large groups of your followers, like those who live in the same city or attended the same college, for smaller groups it seems unnecessary. One example list from the broadcast is titled “Siblings” and only has two people in it… Why not just text the photo to your siblings? Not everything needs to be an Instagram Story.

But it would have one perk: ensuring your crush sees your thirst trap would get much easier.


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