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SENTINELS Announces New Vocalist, Streams New Song “Glitch”

SENTINELS Announces New Vocalist, Streams New Song “Glitch”


Sentinels has announced Kenny Stroh as their new vocalist. Stroh replaces Josh Hardiman, who parted ways with the group last month. Sentinels is now streaming their first Stroh-fronted single “Glitch” alongside the announcement of their new EP In Limbo, due out October 27.

In Limbo is a showcase of our signature sound that also implements some new textures we’ve been keen to experiment with,” said Sentinels drummer Dave Rucki. “Now having Kenny in the fold really allowed us to enhance the aggression we strive for in our style. This is only the beginning of what is to come of our evolution as a band, and we couldn’t be more excited for people to finally hear it.”

“I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this band,” said Stroh. “Playing with Sentinels has been nothing short of incredible. The next chapter for us is definitely something to look forward to.”

In Limbo is available for pre-order here.

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