Home Entertainment Taylor Swift Takeover: NBC Plays Taylor and ‘The Voice’ Sunday Night Football Opener With Carson Daly

Taylor Swift Takeover: NBC Plays Taylor and ‘The Voice’ Sunday Night Football Opener With Carson Daly

Taylor Swift Takeover: NBC Plays Taylor and ‘The Voice’ Sunday Night Football Opener With Carson Daly


Look what Taylor Swift made NBC do.

On the heels of Swift’s return to the stands for Travis Kelce‘s next game with the Kansas City Chiefs against the New York Jets, it seems the Sunday night opener filled in some blank space with some special content just for Swifties.

Moments before the game kicked off, NBC also used their reality competition series The Voice to seemingly explain football — and the significance of the Chiefs’ match-up against the Jets — to the Swifties. 

“We got a call from our friends at NBC Sports asking us to put tonight’s story in language that the legions of Swifties would understand,” host Carson Daly said, on The Voice‘s circular stage. Daly went on to call the Chiefs the “next great American dynasty in the NFL.”

Daly then detailed how the Jets are missing their star QB Aaron Rodgers — who suffered a season-ending injury during his first game with the team three weeks ago. “

“Tonight, sure, they will try to shake it off. But against the defending Super Bowl champs, it’s probably not likely to happen. Maybe only in their wildest dreams,” Daly continued. 

Swift’s presence was felt from the opening moments of the game itself, as well.

“Hi Swifties, we’ll be with you all night,” announcer Mike Tirico said at the start of the broadcast, admitting that the pop superstar’s attendance at the game would play a major part in the telecast.

This Swift mania just days after NBC released a new Sunday Night Football teaser cleverly set to Swift’s 2014 hit, “Welcome to New York,” as the Chiefs prepared to take on the New York team. The promo also included a clip of Kelce looking into the stands from last weekend’s pivotal game that Swift first attended. 

It’s been just a week since the pop star sent Swifties into a frenzy by popping up next to the Kansas City Chiefs tight end’s mom at his game against the Chicago Bears last Sunday. While it’s unclear exactly where she and Kelce stand, all signs — including Swift meeting his family and having her arm around his neck at the after-party — point to them being more than friends. 

“When Taylor and Travis first connected, Taylor was looking to have fun while enjoying some downtime. So far, it’s been a nice change of pace for her,” a source told ET. “Now, as things progress between Taylor and Travis, they’re both looking to keep it more private. They’re both excited about where things are headed.”

Wherever they go, the rumored romance has not been bad for football as Swift’s appearance reportedly drove up viewership, Kelce merchandise sales and ticket sales for the Chiefs’ game against the Jets. 

Her impact was not lost on Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, who urged Swift to consider a player from his team instead. “Taylor — sorry if you’re listening, Travis — break up with him,” he said in a clip circulated on X. “I got a bunch of good-looking single guys that play for the Dallas Mavericks. I gotchu.”

However, Kelce had another idea in mind. “@mcuban Just sign me to a ten day! 😎,” the athlete tweeted in response, joking that he be brought on the team with one of the NBA’s temporary contracts.




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