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Biden Has Clearly Had Enough Of Kevin McCarthy’s Lies

Biden Has Clearly Had Enough Of Kevin McCarthy’s Lies


President Biden let some anger creep into his voice as he talked about how Kevin McCarthy and House Republicans tried to go back on the budget deal that they negotiated.

Biden said:

The truth is we shouldn’t be here in the first place. We shouldn’t have gotten here in the first place. It’s time to end, governing by crisis and keep your word when you give it. In the Congress a few months ago, after a long negotiation between myself and the Republican speaker of the House of Representatives, we came to agree on a budget agreement precisely to avoid a manufactured crisis that we just witnessed. But the last few days and weeks, extreme MAGA Republicans tried to walk away from that deal.

Voting for deep drastic spending cuts from 30 to 80%. That would have been devastating for millions of Americans. They failed again, they failed again and we stopped them. But I’m under no illusions that they’ll be back again. You know where I come from when you make a deal and you give your word, you keep it, you give your word, you say I’m going to do what I said, I’m going to do and you do it, you keep it, you keep your word and I expect the Republicans speaker and Republicans in Congress to honor their word and keep the deal they made months ago when they tried to threaten us with almost international bankruptcy.

Video of Biden:

Biden could not keep the anger out of his voice as he talked about how House Republicans tried to walk back a deal on spending while trying to cause a default.

President Biden has clearly had enough of House Republicans and their chaos and lies.

In the future one would suspect that the White House will be much more reluctant to hold any negotiations or enter into any agreements with House Republicans because their leader and the majority can’t be trusted.

Things will be a lot easier for Biden if he wins reelection and Democrats take back total control of Congress.


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