Home Entertainment ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Premiere: A Love Square Develops During the First Week on the Beach

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Premiere: A Love Square Develops During the First Week on the Beach

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Premiere: A Love Square Develops During the First Week on the Beach


Bachelor in Paradise is back! On Thursday, season 9 of the hit Bachelor spinoff premiered, and the wild storylines weren’t far behind.

After 18 singles arrived for their second (or third… or fourth) shot at love, it was Olivia Lewis, Kylee Russell and Will Urena who made up the bulk of the premiere episode’s drama.

Upon Kylee’s arrival, she made no secret of her desire to meet Aven Jones. The only problem was, Aven didn’t show up to the beach. Kylee didn’t let that get her down, though, instead having a good conversation with Will.

Will complicated matters, though, when he got into a discussion about sucking toes with Olivia, and even ended up kissing her. Kylee eventually heard about the kiss and gave Will a hard time for it. Things got worse when Kylee landed the date card, and was unsure if she should give it to a guy who was making out with someone else just hours before.

She ended up doing just that, though, and Will wholeheartedly accepted the date — without talking to Olivia. Olivia was annoyed by the development, telling the cameras, “Respect is off the table,” before blasting the pair for the “trash” way they went about the date.

Kylee and Will were unbothered, though, and had a great time on their date, even sealing the evening with a kiss.

“I’m feeling a feeling I haven’t felt in a while,” Will said in a confessional. “There were butterflies behind Kylee’s kiss.”

The next day, Will approached Olivia to talk and things did not go well; she accused him of “cleaning up the disrespect” with their talk, while he fired back by saying, “I don’t think just because I gave you a kiss I owe you an explanation on day one.”

Will walked away firm in his decision to pursue Kylee, and Kylee was adamant that, no matter who else arrived in Paradise, Will was her guy. Olivia didn’t believe that, though, suggesting that Kylee viewed Will as “a placeholder and an easy rose” until Aven arrived.

Indeed, the final moments of the episode showed Aven arriving at the beach to stir up the drama. In the preview, Olivia is angling to go on a date with Aven, Kylee is flirty with the new arrival, and Will is reduced to tears in a confessional.

“I just stole her man and now she’s stealing my man. I’m not going to be chasing after no man here,” Kylee says, as Olivia remarks, “Karma, you sweet, sweet lady.”

During the premiere episode, it wasn’t just that foursome that was finding love. Former Bachelorette Rachel Recchia hit it off with Sean McLaughlin; Blake Moynes partnered up with Jess Girod; Aaron Schwartzman and Sam Jeffries got close; Mercedes Northup and Aaron Bryant were locking lips; Brayden Bowers and Kat Izzo likewise had a connection.

When ET spoke to host Jesse Palmer ahead of the season, he teased what fans can expect from the beach this year.

“There’s going to be something really special and unique this season, something to celebrate,” Jesse told ET. “I think all of Bachelor Nation is going to be really, really excited about it. I think everybody on the beach will be too. I’m very, very excited for that. I just can’t wait. I really cannot wait to see what happens and where this goes.”

Bachelor in Paradise airs Thursdays on ABC. Keep up with all the drama on the beach with ET’s coverage of the show. 




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