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GAEREA Streams Suffocating New Song & Video “Dormant”

GAEREA Streams Suffocating New Song & Video “Dormant”


Gaerea is now streaming their Mirage bonus track “Dormant”, which you probably missed unless you grabbed one of the album’s limited edition physical copies. “Dormant” comes alongside a viciously violent music video by Claudio Marino which showcases the horrors of waterboarding. As Gaerea notes, the video has “no actors, no gimmicks, and no special effects.” So what you’re seeing is real.

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“Complementing the song’s aural journey, the video art installation accompanying ‘Dormant’ delves into the anguish and struggle for survival,” said Gaerea of the song and video.

“The visuals depict the main character, trapped and enclosed in a tormenting world, as water relentlessly pours over his body, simulating drowning and suffocation. This immersive and visceral experience offers a harrowing glimpse into the protagonist’s fight for life, evoking a range of emotions and challenging viewers to confront their own mortality.”

Gaerea will hit the road starting tomorrow with Wolves In The Throne Room, Blackbraid,, and Hoaxed as support. Get the dates below and get your tickets here.

9/29 St Louis, MO @ Red Flag
9/30 Chicago, IL @ Metro
10/1 St. Paul, MN @ Amsterdam Bar & Hall
10/3 Detroit, MI @ El Club
10/4 Toronto, ON @ Lee’s Palace
10/5 Montreal, QC @ Theatre Fairmount
10/6 Boston, MA @ Big Night Live
10/7 Hamden, CT @ Space Ballroom
10/8 Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Monarch
10/10 Philadelphia, PA @ Underground Arts
10/11 Baltimore, MD @ Baltimore Soundstage
10/12 Richmond, VA @ The Canal Club
10/13 Greensboro, NC @ Hangar 1819
10/14 Atlanta, GA @ The Loft
10/15 Tampa, FL @ Orpheum
10/17 Dallas, TX @ Echo Lounge & Music Hall
10/18 Austin, TX @ Come And Take It Live
10/20 Albuquerque, NM @ Sister
10/21 Tucson, AZ @ Encore
10/23 Salt Lake City, UT @ Metro Music Hall
10/24 Denver, CO @ The Oriental Theater

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