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AOC And Jamie Raskin Shatter GOP’s Fake Biden Impeachment Hearing

AOC And Jamie Raskin Shatter GOP’s Fake Biden Impeachment Hearing


It took Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Rep. Jamie Raskin minutes to get James Comer to admit that they aren’t holding a real impeachment hearing.


Raskin: Before I give my opening statement, I have a parliamentary inquiry. Given that the committee has not been authorized by the full House to conduct an impeachment inquiry. Am I correct in assuming that we’re obligated to follow the rules of the House including section 370 of the rules in Manuel, which prescribe engaging in personalities towards the president?
Comer: Well, considering this is an investigation of Joe Biden, I assumed that his name is going to come up.

Raskin: Right. But um the House has not authorized this as an impeachment inquiry. So we’re just operating with the general rules. And I think saying that the president lied is considered engaging in a personality. In fact, Section 370 says accusations that the president has committed a crime or even that the president has done something illegal are unparliamentary and we’re operating with the general rules of the House because the House has not authorized.

Comer: The Speaker of the House has authorized the impeachment inquiry. It has been authorized.

Raskin: Ok. All right

Ocasio-Cortez: Point of Parliamentary inquiry.

Ocasio-Cortez: I believe changing of the rules must require a vote from the full House of Representatives.

Comer: The chair overrules the point of order. While articles of impeachment are not directly before this committee, we are looking into the potential wrongdoing of the president.



Just to make sure everyone is clear on this, Comer admitted that the hearing that the committee is holding isn’t an impeachment hearing, because the House hasn’t authorized an impeachment investigation. The hearing that Comer and Jordan are holding isn’t a real impeachment investigation hearing. Rep. Adam Schiff held authorized impeachment investigative hearings for Trump’s first impeachment because the House authorized the investigation.

There has been no constitutional authorization for the Biden investigation. It is nothing more than Republicans pretending to hold impeachment hearings because Kevin McCarthy said so.

The hearing is fake, and until there is full House authorization, they have no authority or power to do anything impeachment-related.


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