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KRIST NOVOSELIC Is Open To NIRVANA Doing An ABBA-Styled Avatar Tour

KRIST NOVOSELIC Is Open To NIRVANA Doing An ABBA-Styled Avatar Tour


For years, Nirvana enthusiasts have yearned for a glimpse into the band’s remarkable live performances during their 1993/1994 peak. We recently reported that a 30th-anniversary of In Utero will fulfill those fans’ wishes, as two entire shows from late 1993 and early 1994, including a homecoming gig in Seattle, have been unearthed and are set to be released as part of the mammoth edition.

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In a recent interview with MOJO Magazine Nirvana‘s bassist Krist Novoselic couldn’t contain his excitement, when talking about the live recordings: “The shows rock. They need to be heard. Now with the AI, you can take a stereo mix and then break it down into a multitrack. So you can get really good mixes. They sound raw. And you get Kurt up there who’s just carrying the show. Amazing.”

During the same interview, Novoselic also revealed that he might be open to an Abba Voyage-esque ‘Nirvanatar’ show, which if you ask us, sounds like a really awful idea: “You never know! I’ll say ‘no way’, then it’s like, ‘How much?? When do we start?!'”

For those unaware, Swedish pop group Abba has been “touring” as digital holograms for the past year. Whether or not you’re into the idea, the “tour” has been grossing roughly $2 million weekly. So while we sit here and bemoan the idea of a Nirvana version, I guess people are into it?

Whether that merely stays as a controversial idea or not, Novoselic seems to be looking forward to more epic reunions with Dave Grohl, Pat Smear, and guest vocalists, just like the unforgettable 2012 performance with Paul McCartney stepping into Kurt Cobain‘s shoes.

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“I’m always hoping for that. There was a time when I thought I’d never play those songs again. We had a conversation – ‘Let’s do it, but not overdo it.’ So yeah, when it’s the right moment.”

The 30th-anniversary edition of In Utero isn’t just about the music; it’s a collector’s dream. Remastered by Bob Weston, the album comes in various deluxe box formats that include exciting extras like replica backstage passes, a 3-D mobile of the cover art’s angel, and a removable acrylic panel of said art complete with a display stand. Krist Novoselic humorously notes, “You know, people love that tactile stuff.”

Pre-order the format of your choice of the 30th anniversary edition, here.

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