Home Entertainment Adele Calls Rich Paul Her ‘Husband’ During Las Vegas Residency

Adele Calls Rich Paul Her ‘Husband’ During Las Vegas Residency

Adele Calls Rich Paul Her ‘Husband’ During Las Vegas Residency


Adele is once again sparking speculation on social media with her recent off-the-cuff comment during a performance at her Las Vegas residency show.

On Saturday, Adele was doing something she frequently does during her shows, where she walks through the audience talking with fans on the mic, answering questions and joking around.

However, as seen in videos shared to social media by concertgoers in attendance, she appeared to imply that she and longtime boyfriend Rich Paul may have taken things to the next level in secret.

When one fan asked if she could marry Adele, the songstress joked, “You can’t marry me, I’m straight, my love. And my husband’s here tonight. He’s here.”

Paul has frequently attended Adele’s shows while she’s been performing in Sin City — and the songstress memorably serenaded him in the past, to the delight of the audience.

That being said, a random remark about Paul being her husband while rebuffing a random fan’s declaration of love is far from any official confirmation that the pair had secretly gotten married. So, for now at least, it seems fans will just have to continue to speculate.

That being said, Adele has routinely shown how important and serious her relationship with Paul is for her.

In August, the 35-year-old British chart topper was chatting with fans during a show when one woman asked the “Easy on Me” singer to help her pick a name for her future daughter.

“I really want to be a mom again soon, so every time I see a name I like, I write it down in my phone,” Adele revealed to the fan. The singer already shares 10-year-old son Angelo with her ex-husband, Simon Konecki. 

The fan notes that she is trying to decide between the names Parker or Spencer for her little girl, and Adele responds, “I can’t say Parker because Rich likes that name,” and instead suggests Spencer — implying that she and Paul have discussed the possibility of having kids together in the future.

Adele is currently performing at her Las Vegas residency show, Weekends With Adele, at Caesar’s Palace. 

Back in August 2022, Adele spoke to Elle about the possibility of expanding her family, saying she “definitely” wanted to have more children in the future. 

“I’m a homemaker and I’m a matriarch, and a stable life helps me with my music,” Adele said at the time. “But right now, all I got in my brain is Vegas… I wanna f**king nail it.”




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