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Kiraw Proves Himself With Moment-Capturing Song Titled ‘XTC’

Kiraw Proves Himself With Moment-Capturing Song Titled ‘XTC’


The resonance of Kiraw’s performances is nothing short of hypnotic. His vocals, simultaneously soothing and saturated with dark undertones, effortlessly meld with the weighty soundscapes of his tracks. It’s no wonder that his music has found a fervent following within the gym and raver communities, drawing attention like wildfire.

“XTC,” a song entirely written, performed, and produced by Kiraw, stands as a testament to his innovation. This track elevates the Techno genre to new heights by merging aggressive, distorted basslines typically found in rave bunker events with razor-sharp lyrics delivered in a whisper-like style. It’s a musical ASMR experience that defies expectations and works exceptionally well within the powerful genre.

The impact of “XTC” is evident in its presence on viral charts across the globe, from Germany to Denmark, Belgium to Romania, and beyond. Kiraw’s artistry knows no bounds, and his journey began in 2018, steadily gaining momentum through collaborations with the likes of NightLovell and Scarlxrd. As a pioneer of the “Techno/House Phonk” movement, Kiraw has earned a well-deserved place in the spotlight, catching the eye of major labels and securing a bright future in the music industry. Keep an ear out for Kiraw; he’s an artist destined for greatness.


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