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Chuck Schumer’s Next Move Could Cost Kevin McCarthy His Job

Chuck Schumer’s Next Move Could Cost Kevin McCarthy His Job


Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) will be looking to pass a short-term continuing resolution on Tuesday, if McCarthy passes the resolution in the House, it will cost him his job.

The Washington Post reported:

The Senate will vote on the measure Tuesday to take up a short-term funding solution, called a continuing resolution. While discussions are ongoing, it will likely extend current government funding until November or December, include an extension of the Federal Aviation Administration bill, which expires at the end of the fiscal year, and potentially include an extension of the farm bill, according to two people familiar with the process who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss private negotiations. Negotiations are also ongoing to decide whether $16 billion of disaster aid and $24 billion of aid for Ukraine will be attached.

It would then be McCarthy’s decision whether to put the expected bipartisan Senate proposal on the House floor for a vote. McCarthy’s insistence on passing a bill with the full support of his conference is based on the ongoing threat by many hard-right lawmakers who say they will look to oust him as Speaker if he relies on Democrats to fund the government.

While the House is goofing around with trying to pass a long-term funding bill that strips out aid to Ukraine, the Senate is rolling along as McConnell and Schumer are in agreement on a short-term resolution to fund the government.

The problem is that far-right House Republicans have vowed to remove Kevin McCarthy as Speaker if he uses any Democratic votes to keep the government open. McCarthy could end this crisis next week by passing the Senate resolution with Democratic votes, but since doing so would cost him his job, the nation will suffer because Kevin McCarthy refuses to put the good of the country over the far-right MAGAs in the House.

Kevin McCarthy has been a historic failure, and what he chooses to do next will determine his future as the Speaker of the House.


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