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[Free Event] Collective Trauma Summit: Creating a Global Healing Movement

[Free Event] Collective Trauma Summit: Creating a Global Healing Movement


Hi friends! As someone who’s passionate about growth and healing, I’m pleased to share that the FREE Collective Trauma Summit: Creating a Global Healing Movement is starting soon. Each year, over 100,000 people worldwide gather online to explore innovative ways to address current global traumas and unhealed cultural wounds.

From September 26 to October 4, the summit will feature 60+ expert sessions, panel discussions, live events, poetry readings, music, movement sessions, guided meditations, and more.

The summit features a powerful lineup of leading experts, practitioners, and thought leaders from diverse backgrounds, including psychologists, neuroscientists, human rights and social justice activists, climate scientists, Indigenous elders, journalists, poets, artists, and more.

When you register, you’ll get access to daily speaker talks, special live events, musical performances, as well as contemplative practices to support your integration and healing.

Some of the topics that will be addressed during the summit include:

  • Bringing aid and relief into active trauma situations
  • Poetry, music, art, and movement practices for healing
  • Creating trauma-informed climate activism
  • Exploring trauma-informed meditation and spiritual practices
  • Integrating collective trauma in individual therapy sessions
  • Working with inherited family and ancestral trauma
  • The link between individual, ancestral, and collective trauma
  • How neuroscience can inform approaches to trauma healing
  • Building a trauma-informed media movement

The goal of the annual summit is to deepen our understanding of collective trauma and its effects.

More than that, the founders aim to create a global healing movement—a safe space where people of different backgrounds meet to overcome stigmas and cultural differences, build collective resilience, and discover innovative pathways to growth and healing.

“This is the time to engage in individual, ancestral, and collective healing, and be part of the collective healing journey of humanity.”  ~Thomas Hubl

To become part of this global conversation, register (for free!) here.

During this powerful nine-day event, you’ll hear from 60+ inspiring speakers, including:

  • Dr. Gabor Maté, Physician and Author of The Myth of Normal
  • Ayọ Tometi, Co-Founder #BlackLivesMatter, Human Rights Leader
  • Thomas Hübl, Author and Founder of the Academy of Inner Science
  • Danielle LaPorte, Creator of the Heart Centered Leadership Program and Author of How to Be Loving
  • Ada Limón, Poet Laureate of the United States
  • Peter A. Levine, PhD, Founder, Ergos Institute of Somatic Education and Somatic Experiencing International
  • Alanis Morissette, Wholeness Advocate,Thought Leader, and Grammy Award-Winning Singer-Songwriter
  • Alok Vaid-Menon, Artist
  • Michael B. Beckwith, Founder and CEO, Agape International Spiritual Center, Author of Life Envisioning
  • Tjada D’Oyen McKenna, Chief Executive Officer of Mercy Crops
  • Dr. Joy A. Degruy, Educator, Best-Selling Author, and Activist for Humanity
  • Julian Brave NoiseCat, Writer and Filmmaker
  • Dr. Richard Schwartz, PhD, Internal Family Systems Therapy Founder
  • Jerry Tello, Internationally Recognized Speaker, Healing Practitioner, and Community Elder
  • Britt Wray, PhD, Author and Researcher at the Forefront of Climate Change and Mental Health
  • Andrea Gibson, Poet, Author, and Speaker

And many more!

Sign up for free and get all of the details here:

[Learn More] Collective Trauma Summit 2023: Creating a Global Healing Movement 

When you sign up, you’ll receive instant access to a free chapter of Thomas Hübl’s new book Attuned, which explores how attunement can reshape our relationships and help us develop a truer connection with ourselves, one another, nature, and the cosmos.

Thomas will also be sharing Daily Insight Videos to guide your journey through the many free offerings.

I hope this powerful event is transformative and healing for you!


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