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Merrick Garland Shuts Down Jim Jordan With A Single Fact

Merrick Garland Shuts Down Jim Jordan With A Single Fact


During the House Judiciary Committee hearing featuring Attorney General Merrick Garland, Chair Jim Jordan launched into several Hunter Biden investigation conspiracies, and Garland shut him down with a single fact.

Jordan said:

Here’s why the statute of limitations question is important that Mr. Bishop was getting at just a few minutes ago. Here’s why it’s important. You let the statute of limitations lapse for 2014 2015. Those were the years with the felony tax charges where Hunter Biden was getting income from Burisma
Here are four facts that I think are so important. Hunter Biden was put on the board of Burisma made a lot of money, got paid a lot of money over those years, a couple of million bucks, he wasn’t qualified fact. Number two. He wasn’t qualified to be on the board of Burisma. Not my words, his words. He said he got on the board because of his last name, the brand as Devin Archer said when he was under oath and we deposed him. Fact, number three Burisma executives told Hunter Biden we’re under pressure. We need help.

Fact number four, Joe Biden goes to Ukraine leverages our tax money, American people’s tax money to get the prosecutor fired. Who was applying the pressure? Interestingly enough, that fact is entirely consistent with what the confidential human source told the FBI and they recorded in the 1023 form. The same form. Mr. Wray didn’t want to let this committee and the Congress see that all happened, that all happened. What I’m wondering is why you guys let the statute of limitations lapse for those tax years that dealt with Burisma income?

Attorney General Garland responded, “There’s one more fact that’s important and that is that this investigation was being conducted by Mr. Weiss, an appointee of President Trump. You will at the appropriate time have the opportunity to ask Mr. Weiss that question and he will no doubt address it in the public report that will be transmitted to the Congress.”


The problem for House Republicans when it comes to the Biden investigation is no matter how many details that they invent and try to label as facts. The real facts contradict their points.

The hearing has whiplash like moments where Democrats on the Judiciary Committee attempt to ask serious questions and conduct DOJ oversight, and they are followed by Republicans like Jordan, Matt Gaetz, and others who scream Hunter Biden conspiracy theories at the Attorney General.

Democrats are attempting to govern, and Republicans are engaging in Biden impeachment performative theater.

As Attorney General Garland demonstrated, the curtain comes down on the GOP production when real facts enter the picture.


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