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“I Can’t Do It Anymore”

“I Can’t Do It Anymore”


Ozzy Osbourne has sadly decided that his next surgery will be his final one, as he’s simply sick of constantly going under the knife. In a new episode of the The Osbournes podcast, Osbourne said his upcoming neck surgery will be the last.

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“Tomorrow I have my final surgery on my neck,” said Osbourne. Which it is gonna be the final surgery, because I can’t do it anymore. Regardless of the way it ends up after tomorrow, I’m not doing it anymore. I can’t.”

He later added on his overall health and the upcoming operation: “It’s just like going over for a fucking haircut now… But I have improved somewhat, I think. My feet feel like I’ve got bricks tied to them when I’m walking. I walked upstairs today and downstairs for the first time in a while, and my feet feel like I’ve got diving boots on when I’m walking. I think it’s the nerves… Then I was thinking, maybe I just need to get up off my ass and walk around the block a few times.”

In the first episode of The Osbournes that premieres earlier this month, Osbourne revealed that he’d be undergoing surgery to fix two vertebrae damaged in a 2003 ATV accident.

“My lower back is… I’m going for an epidural soon because what’s happening, what they’ve discovered is the neck has been fixed. Below the neck there’s two vertebrae where the [ATV] hit me and disintegrated, there’s nothing left of ’em.” He later added: “All I know is right now, I’m in a lot of pain, I’m in a lot of discomfort.”

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Osbourne‘s health has unfortunately been the cause of show cancellations over the past few years, most recently being his upcoming appearance at the Power Trip festival. His ailments also cost him a 2023 European tour, which wasn’t surprising given his bleak outlook on the situation in late 2022. His farewell tour for North America still remains a mystery, though hopefully it all works out.

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