Home Featured Best Apple deal: Refurb Apple iPad (6th Gen) for $175

Best Apple deal: Refurb Apple iPad (6th Gen) for $175

Best Apple deal: Refurb Apple iPad (6th Gen) for $175


TL;DR: As of September 17, you can get a refurbished Apple iPad (6th Gen) for just $174.99 — that’s 16% off its regular price of $209.99.

Do you ever find yourself needing a bigger device than your iPhone? For instance, you’re on a trip and could use a tablet with a bigger screen to take pictures, look up restaurants, and watch a movie together while you make your way to your destination via plane or train.

If spending a fortune on a new tablet really isn’t something you’re willing to do, you may want to think about a refurbished one like this 6th Gen iPad. It’s on sale for just $174.99 and could easily be your travel device without cutting into your travel budget.

With a high-res 9.7-inch Retina display, you can enjoy all your favorite movies and shows while en route — and view clear images of your photos and videos taken with the 8MP camera before you share them on Instagram.

The iPad (6th Gen) runs smoothly, with an Apple A10 Fusion chip that allows for easy multi-tasking on the go. It also features 128GB of storage to save all those essential photos, videos, and files right where they’re easy to access.

From model year 2018, this new-to-you iPad 6th Gen has WiFi and supports Apple Pencil, though the pencil itself is not included. Plus, this iPad allows you to upgrade your OS to the latest one, which means you get access to the most up-to-date operating system without the hefty price tag.

It has a grade “B” rating, meaning it’s certified to be in good working order but may have light scuffing on the case or light scratches or dents on the body.

Another pro to buying previously used items is that you can reduce your carbon footprint, alongside saving some money for your next adventure.

Get a refurbished Apple iPad 6th-Gen for just $174.99 (reg. $209.99) for a limited time.

Prices subject to change.


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