Home Featured Best Garmin deal: Garmin epix smartwatch on sale for $200 off

Best Garmin deal: Garmin epix smartwatch on sale for $200 off

Best Garmin deal: Garmin epix smartwatch on sale for $200 off


SAVE $200: As of September 15, the Garmin epix (Gen 2) GPS smartwatch is on sale for $699.99, down from $899.99, at Amazon, Best Buy, and Garmin. That’s a discount of 22%.

Fitness tech lovers assemble! If you’ve been wanting to buy a premium smartwatch that gives you insight into your sleep patterns, training readiness, blood oxygen levels, and even daily fluid intake, there’s a great deal on the Garmin epix smartwatch today.

As of September 15, you can get the Garmin epix GPS smartwatch for just $699.99 instead of $899.99 at Best Buy, Amazon, and Garmin. This is the epix’s lowest price ever. So, what exactly are you waiting for?

The Garmin epix (Gen 2) watch has a 1.3-inch, always-on display that prioritizes clarity and crispness, as well as a highly responsive touchscreen. It’s packed with a ton of health-forward features, including the “Jet Lag Adviser” (which can help you plan for easier travels between time zones), respiration tracking during daily activities, suggestions for periods of rest, and more. On the watch screen, you can follow along with animated workouts, get real-life running dynamics data, and even take advantage of personalized Garmin training plans for your next big race (or other fitness goals you might have).

The Garmin epix doesn’t just track your caloric burn and heart rate — it approaches your fitness with seriousness and dedication, while also allowing you to optimize your daily tasks: you’ve still got access to top music apps, a pay-on-the-go feature, stock price tracking, text alerts, and beyond.

It’s a great day to pull the trigger on the Garmin epix you’ve been eyeing.


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