Home Entertainment Kristin Cavallari Reacts to Morgan Wallen Dating Rumors

Kristin Cavallari Reacts to Morgan Wallen Dating Rumors

Kristin Cavallari Reacts to Morgan Wallen Dating Rumors


Is romance brewing between Kristin Cavallari and Morgan Wallen? Her giggly reaction when asked about the rumors hinted to many fans that there might be some truth to the speculation.

Cavallari sat down with Andy Cohen during a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live, and as part of the after-show, she took a call-in question from fans who asked her who it was she’d recently gone on a date with because she said her kids had been fans of theirs.

Cohen almost immediately floated the singer’s name, shooting back, “Oh, it’s obviously Morgan Wallen. She just said her kids are big fans.”

A clearly shocked and suddenly shy Cavallari couldn’t keep from laughing and just exclaimed, “I’m not answering that question!”

“But, it’s not Morgan Wallen, because you said you never went on a date with him,” Cohen added.

“Did I say that?” Cavallari replied, nervously, to which Cohen recalled, “You said you’re not dating him.” 

“I’m not dating him!” Cavallari said, defensively. 

“Oh, so you went on a date with him,” Cohen quickly interjected, prompting Cavallari to blurt out simply, “I don’t know.”

“Wow I think we just cracked the case,” Cohen added with a laugh, as Cavallari made a subtle zipping-her-lips-and-locking-them gesture.

ET’s Cassie DiLaura recently spoke with Cavallari — ahead of the launch of her new podcast, Let’s Be Honest With Kristin Cavallari, — and the former star of The Hills got candid about her dating life.

“I’ve decided I’m done dating in Nashville,” Cavallari dished to ET, saying she can “guarantee” that she won’t be settling down with any country music stars. “I would consider myself to be a monk at this point. You can throw anything at me and I’m like, ‘OK.'” 

Cavallari has been romantically linked to country singer Chase Rice, comedian Jeff Dye, and Bachelor Nation alum Tyler Cameron since her 2020 split from ex-husband Jay Cutler.

As for her current dating life, Cavallari said she shares who she’s seeing with her and Cutler’s three kids — Camden, 10, Jaxon, 8, and Saylor, 7.

“I tell them who I’m talking to or what’s going on, and they have strong opinions about these guys,” she said, noting that Camden is the most protective of mom. 

As for Cavallari’s requirements, she said, “I’ll go out with certain guys, and I’m like, they’re great, but can I picture them as a stepdad? And I’m like, no! And that’s the biggest part of my life. I am ready to settle down. I’m ready to meet someone.”



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