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Hunter Biden’s Gun Charges Are A Big Fat Nothing

Hunter Biden’s Gun Charges Are A Big Fat Nothing


Republicans may be hyperventilating over Hunter Biden being indicted for three gun charges, but experts say that they are likely to be a big nothing.

Michael Schmidt of The New York Times said on MSNBC:

What sort of remains to be seen here is that will we end up with the same result that we would have as part of that deal? These charges are not brought often. Hunter Biden is someone who doesn’t have a long criminal history. He’s never been in prison before, and there’s some thought among people who really understand gun laws and gun prosecutions that a judge may look at a — like if Hunter were, you know, to plead to this charge, may give him a diversion agreement very similar to what was negotiated over the summer, and basically say you can’t own a firearm again, you have to go through drug testing, but if you do that, you don’t have to go to prison.

So it’s not — I don’t think that this is a dramatic — it’s a dramatic event for the justice department to indict the son of the president, the president who appoints the attorney general, the people in the justice department to run it. It may not change his sort of exposure in terms of his likelihood of going to prison or not, but as we’ve seen with the Hunter Biden story, it never seems to end, and it always takes a twist that we didn’t anticipate it taking.


This is a giant nothing that is probably going to result in another plea agreement that matches what the judge is looking for and the entire Hunter Biden story may finally be put to bed legally speaking once and for all.

If Hunter Biden does get a plea agreement, Republicans will then claim that he got special treatment from the DOJ, so the political saga that Republicans have sold themselves on is going to live in conservative media, but for the rest of the country, these charges are next step in no longer having to listen to any more coverage about the President’s son.


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