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Listen to Jamila Woods’ New Song “Good News”

Listen to Jamila Woods’ New Song “Good News”


Next month, Jamila Woods will release her new album, Water Made Us. Following “Tiny Garden” and “Boomerang,” she has now shared the LP’s “Good News.” Listen to the new song below.

Woods co-wrote “Good News” with Biako and Jean Placide. Biako also produced the song and contributed vocals, while Placide played drums and also sang.

The lyrics of “Good News” helped Woods get to her new album’s title. “The title of the album comes from one of the lyrics, ‘The good news is we were happy once/The good news is water always runs back where it came from/The good news is water made us,’” the Chicago musician and poet stated. “For me, the song is a lesson in surrender, a lesson I learn from water over and over again.”

Water Made Us, the follow-up to Legacy! Legacy! is out October 13 via Jagjaguwar.


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