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How to create a QR code using a browser

How to create a QR code using a browser


QR codes can be very useful, especially when it comes to getting to a webpage quickly and easily. (For example, I’m always resorting to the QR codes at NYC bus stops to find out that I just missed the bus two minutes ago and the next one is due in about 20 minutes.) If you want to guide somebody quickly to your website or to a webpage that they need, you can create a QR code for that page.

There are a variety of QR code generator apps out there that you can access. (Keep in mind that it’s wise to be careful which one you choose since a less-than-honest app can include tracking or other code with the generated QR.) In addition, some online services, such as Instagram, may offer their own QR code generation. But for a good general solution, you can easily create a QR code via Chromium-based browsers like Chrome and Edge.

Since the Chrome browser is built into Android, this one is easy:

You can also use the Chrome browser on your iPhone to create a QR code (it’s in the App Store). Interestingly, with iOS, you’ve got even fewer steps to go through than with the Android version of Chrome.

The Chrome browser creates a QR code and then lets you copy or download it.

Again, if you use a Chrome browser on any desktop computer — a Mac or a Windows PC — you can use it to create a QR code.

To get a QR Code on Edge, you just have to right-click.

The Edge browser is the default for Windows computers (and, in fact, Microsoft sometimes makes it a bit difficult not to use Edge). That being said, it’s very easy to create a QR code.


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