Here Are The Set Times For This Weekend’s Metal Injection Festival

    The Metal Injection festival is set for this weekend, September 16 at The Observatory and September 17 at the House of Blues Anaheim. We’ve now unveiled the set times for each day, which you can check out below! Tickets are still available, with September 16 available here and September 17 available here.

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    September 16 @ The Observatory (Tickets available here)

    • 5:30pm Dead Heat
    • 6:30pm Fueled By Fire
    • 7:45pm Incite
    • 9:00pm Exhumed
    • 10:30pm Cavalera

    September 17 @ House of Blues Anaheim (Tickets available here)

    • 3:30pm Agriculture (Main Stage)
    • 4:00pm Thrown Into Exile (Second Stage)
    • 4:40pm Exmortus (Main Stage)
    • 5:20pm Upon Stone (Second Stage)
    • 5:55pm Spirit Adrift (Main Stage)
    • 6:30pm Contracult Collective (Second Stage)
    • 7:10pm Fear Factory (Main Stage)
    • 7:50pm Kyng (Second Stage)
    • 8:30pm Machine Head (Main Stage)
    • 10:00pm Testament (Main Stage)
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