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House Republican Admits Biden Impeachment Is A Fraud To Help Trump

House Republican Admits Biden Impeachment Is A Fraud To Help Trump


House Republicans are planning to drag the impeachment investigation out until next year’s conventions to distract from Trump’s indictments and criminal charges.

Politico reported:

Highlighting the value of a Biden impeachment probe for former President Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign, one senior House Republican was already looking ahead to a long inquiry that comes to a head sometime next year.

Party leaders are hoping “the timing of when this information comes out of Oversight and Judiciary is such that it gets right up to the convention next year. So that it’s it’s damaging to Joe Biden,” this Republican said, speaking candidly on condition of anonymity.

“Then the debate will be, ‘Which is more damning?’ You know, President Trump has unclassified documents and RICO charges in Georgia. Or your president, your sitting president, can bribe Ukraine, Romania and China. That will be the debate. That will be the vote,” this Republican lawmaker added.

The fact that House Republicans think that they can make an impeachment investigation with no evidence the equal to daily images of Donald Trump sitting at a defense table while on trial for felonies that could potentially send him to prison speaks to the level of delusion in the current Republican Party.

The images and pictures that will come out of Trump’s Georgia trial alone will overwhelm any political messaging that Republicans attempt to do with impeachment.

House Republicans are admitting that impeachment is a fraud intended to dirty up President Biden to make him appear as corrupt as Donald Trump.

It will not work because criminal trials are more attention-grabbing and severe than partisan impeachment proceedings.

If this is the Republican plan to save Trump, it will backfire and potentially cost Republicans everything in 2024.


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