Home Entertainment ’90 Day: The Last Resort’ Recap: Kalani Admits She Is No Longer Sexually Attracted to Asuelu

’90 Day: The Last Resort’ Recap: Kalani Admits She Is No Longer Sexually Attracted to Asuelu

’90 Day: The Last Resort’ Recap: Kalani Admits She Is No Longer Sexually Attracted to Asuelu


It’s looking more and more like Kalani and Asuelu’s marriage issues aren’t fixable. On Monday’s episode of 90 Day: The Last Resort, Kalani bluntly said that she was no longer sexually attracted to Asuelu, and in fact, she was still thinking about the man she took her “hall pass” with instead of her husband.

Asuelu and Kalani appeared to be the couple with the most serious issues heading into the couples retreat, revealing during the premiere episode that Asuelu cheated on Kalani while in Samoa and she only found out about it when he got a yeast infection on his tongue. Asuelu then offered Kalani a “hall pass” to kiss someone else, but he didn’t think she would take it. But Kalani connected with a man online and had sex with him, and it’s clear that she couldn’t turn off her feelings for the other man. During last week’s episode, the two met with a sex educator who told them their homework was to pleasure themselves separately. While Asuelu said he thought about Kalani, Kalani said she was still thinking about Asuelu’s infidelity. When he bluntly asked her if she was thinking about the other man while doing her homework, she denied it. Asuelu reiterated that Kalani was his only priority throughout the retreat and she simply said, “thank you.”

Meanwhile, Asuelu bonded with Yara and Kelly at the bar and he confided with them about his issues with Kalani. They noted that it was at least good that she agreed to block the other man while at the retreat and Jovi — a strip club aficionado — ended up convincing Kelly and Asuelu to make a plan to go to a strip club since Asuelu had never been to one before. 

“I think going to a strip club is essential to learning American culture,” Jovi said. “And I think for someone like Asuelu, taking him to the strip club could be good, I want to open his eyes. Strip clubs have beautiful women, good music and I’m gonna tell him the rules, right? Look, but don’t touch.”

They all agreed to have a boys’ night and made a pact to not tell their respective partners.

“I just have this funny feeling in my gut,” Kelly said. “I know Yara and Kalani will be upset but we can’t let anyone else know what we’re doing. There’s no way they’ll allow it.”

As for Kalani, she had her own bonding time with Angela and Yara, and admitted that she lied to Asuelu — she was in fact thinking of the other man while doing her homework.

“I feel guilty that I lied to Asuelu about thinking of the other guy while I was doing my homework but when I think about Asuelu in a sexual way it kind of just makes me sick,” she admitted. “Not like because it’s terrible or anything but because I always think about him cheating. After everything that’s happened, I’m just having a hard time finding him sexually attractive and I don’t want to make things worse by telling him the truth.”



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